IPRO Director Message - April 2018

IPRO Director Message April 2018

A tale of two Cities’

Pan American Racquetball Championships

San Jose, Costa Rica (2017) & Temuco, Chile (2018) Live-streamed via IRF Network

Rhonda Rajsich (USA) vs Paola Longoria (MEX) 2017 Bobby Horn (USA) vs Andree Parrilla (MEX) 2018

Both situations were marred by officials’ call (non-call) and interpretation of the rule

  1. Serving when receiver was not ready (ladies)
  2. Failure to complete service motion by server (gentlemen)


  1. In both situations the head official did not make a call due to

lack of understanding of the rule. Any call would allow for appeal process.

  1. Linespersons were used for both matches.
  2. Substantial delay occurred affecting the viewing audience.
  3. Rules commissioner was summoned from the broadcast booth to intervene.
  4. Current rule book provides for various options with many permutations.
  5. Available call options based on what transpired:
  1. No call—play advances
  2. Replay
  3. Technical warning for delay
  4. Referee Technical (1 point deducted from offender’s score)
  5. Side out
  6. Point awarded to server
  7. Stoppage for ‘safe and fair play’
  8. Other

In retrospect, both calls could have been made differently and more equitably. Yet, neither coaching staff elected to appeal the ultimate decision.

Future ramifications:

  1. Always make certain the head official makes a call---right, wrong, or indifferent.
  2. Make sure the rule book and rules published on the website address these concerns.
  3. Re-structure the current IRF rule book to read with greater inclusion and clarity.


Rules & Regulations

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