IPRO Director Message December, 2018

Most years at this time, I anticipate reading the prognostications of one of my idols, Political Satirist Dave Barry. I have ventured into his arena a few times in the past, with some positive feedback from the field. Therefore, I have license to keep going. Some Mazaroff prognostications for the year 2019:

January USA Racquetball, having been taken over by the USOC, is now facing a huge dilemma. Due to the USOC’s political turmoil, the White House is in charge.

February Newly appointed Executive Director of USA Racquetball, Mike Wedel, Signs a 10 year contract for his services. Years one and two will be without any compensation due to the government shutdown.

March Major League Baseball elects to abandon collective bargaining. Players go on strike again. I am invited to be a replacement player for the LA Dodgers for the third time in 25 years.

April The Reno, Nevada Sports Commission will open the doors of its multi-million dollar indoor court sports facility after waiting for 10 years. All major national and international events will be held there. Las Vegas will be looking to snatch some of these after having secured the Raiders and A’s from Oakland and the Kings from Sacramento. The first major competition will be this summer with the World Wallyball Championships.

May The US National Singles Championships is held at the reconstructed Tyrone Athletic Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. Over 800 players fill multiple skill and age group divisions. There are no doubles divisions in this 10 day tournament.

June-August Dormant

September The 35th edition of the World Senior Racquetball Championships goes off well. Over 600 players compete in age groups 35+ through 95+ in the following disciplines: Racquetball, Racketball, Paddleball, Squash, Handball.

October The US Open relocates to Memphis after Lifetime Fitness closes all of its US Clubs. The Tennis Club of Memphis and the Elvis Presley Hall of Fame spearhead the effort. The Open now uses six clubs in Memphis.

November USA Racquetball and the International Racquetball Federation sign a multi-year agreement to hold the World Championships in the USA every four years. First up will be in Reno in 2022. The last time the IRF Worlds were held in the USA was in 1998 in Phoenix, when five Cuban team members defected.

December USAR Instructional Program and AmPRO finally confirm a joint venture after years of negotiations. The revised name is EFEIACARP. The winner of the contest to determine what the letters mean will receive $1 million cash. The new office will be housed at the USOTC in Colorado Springs; yet, the Director of the organization may not reside there. USAR pays the stipend!

Gustavo Farell (Colombia)
Dave George (Northern California)
Nick Hansen (Idaho)
Gary Mazaroff (New Mexico/ Colombia)
Rogelio Medina (Chile/Bolivia)
David Negrete (Illinois)
David Stob (Washington)
Ivan Villegas (Costa Rica)

‘Investigate your limits; then, know when to stop’ DF

A Happy and Healthy New Year to All