IPRO Director’s Message – March 2018


Pride of Ownership’

Most often this concept is associated with the real estate world. Having real property for which one holds tremendous satisfaction; and, the owner/seller is confident it will bring top dollar in the marketplace. Those in the fitness industry–take heed and follow with actions that will bring the greatest return to self and business:

…Reach outside your comfort zone by trying a different court discipline or cross-train in other departments. …Set aside time, energy, and funds for annual upgrades (like you would for your home). As a club administrator, this may mean painting court walls, re-vamping locker facilities, installing new carpet in the lounge, or re-finishing court floors. As an independent contractor, this may mean changing your wardrobe, purchasing another pair of shoes, training an assistant, or learning some new methodology. …Do not jump to conclusions—first impressions are important; yet, most deserve a mulligan. …Look professional—even if you are not; perception is huge! …Pick up after yourself and OTHERS. A clean facility will pay dividends and instill confidence with membership. …Incorporate some or all of the above. It will enhance your curb appeal!

Yoga pose of the month ‘Wind Removing Series’

  1. Lying supine, right knee comes up toward armpit & arrives at center line. Left leg extends on floor.
  2. Right knee remains upward, left knee joins right knee at center line.
  3. Right knee drops to full leg extension; left knee comes toward armpit, then to center line.

** Affirmations are: taking in what is needed; accepting who you are, and getting rid of that

which no longer serves us. Ascending, transverse, & descending colons are massaged

and nourished. Hold each of the 3 poses for about 30 seconds. Consistent breathing through nose.


On the come…

Temuco, Chile—Pan Am Championships; streaming (March 29-31, 2018) (

Cochabamba, Bolivia—South American Championships the end of May 2018.

Barranquilla, Colombia—Central American and Caribbean Games (July 2018).

ChinaWe shall know soon if history will be made this year in Asia. IRF Worlds in August 2018.

Albuquerque—IRF World Senior Racquetball Championships (Year 34). An added discipline this year is Squash 57 (Racketball); end of August 2018 (

Junior Worlds—Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico; November 2018.

Pan Am Games—Planning now for this 2019 Quadrennial Sports Festival in Lima, Peru. See how Panam Sports (www.panamsports.orgprepares to elevate global positioning. Scheduled for late July to August.

Taipei, Taiwan—Winter, 2019. Inauguration of Court Complex at Central Police University.


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