IPRO Director’s Message—July, 2019 

Five Stars Shine Over Waddington—A PROGRAMMING OPPORTUNITY

We recently completed an event in Albuquerque—the 2019 Ralph Waddington New Mexico Games. Ralph passed away this past December. Having a long resume, much pertaining to the racquetball industry, we renamed the ‘Games’ in his honor. The five stars represent five disciplines which make up the indoor court sport array. The Games began in 1989 and about twenty sports are included. Racquetball recently opened its doors to the others that follow:

Squash Singles, Handball Doubles, Paddleball Doubles, Racketball Singles

The motivation to include all five activities under one umbrella is simple:

Best utilize the existing infrastructure (courts)

Network with players in other disciplines and encourage cross-training

Enhance the overall draw

Elevate the energy level over four days

Enhance the bottom line for the venue

The action plays well for live video streaming ( Facebook)

Three of the five activities are played on the racquetball court. Two are played on the squash court. Having quick access to both courts is critical for the success of the program. In our case, the courts exist under one roof. Two courts are able to be transitioned from one use to another within a five minute time frame.

One may play up to three different disciplines and vie for the ‘Supreme Athlete Award’. One male and one female athlete earn the award. We endearingly call it, the Court Sport Junkie award as well. Players are subject to an intricate scoring system, which comes into play if one makes the semi-finals of their selected activity. For explanation sake, I elect handball doubles, racketball singles, and paddleball doubles. A competitor elects racquetball singles, paddleball doubles, and squash singles. 

The equipment across the five activities is varied; racquet for racquetball and racketball, different racquet for squash, paddle for paddleball, a different ball for each discipline, and gloves for handball. The one consistent item is the eyewear requirement.

In closing, this programming option served to attract 90 persons to register, opened its arms to those under 18 and over 85, attracted a larger than normal percentage of female athletes, and sparked energy throughout the club over four days. Each of the disciplines in New Mexico have their own exclusive tournaments, including State Championships. Racketball, also called Squash 57, is now an integral part of the IRF World Senior Racquetball Championships.

Courses (upcoming) Albuquerque, Boise, Lima (PER), Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose (CRI), 

San Luis Potosi (MEX)

Events (upcoming) Pan American Games; Lima, Peru 2-11 August

 IRF 35th World Senior Racquetball Championships, Albuquerque, NM

27-31 August

 IRF Junior World Championships; Club Indoor,

San Jose Costa Rica November

Welcome to AmPRO/IPRO…

Joe Aboid (VA), Fernando Batista (TX), Guy Coggins (NM), Beth Dermer (NM), Nancy Enriquez (MEX),

Mike Ginn (NM), Andres Gomez (COL), Olimpo Gomez (COL), Edwin Gomez Lozano (COL),

Herman Lewis (VA), Jaime Martell (MEX), Ted Sojourner (VA), Steve Sunderman (VA), 

Juan Carlos Torres (COL), Stu Young (VA)


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