Director’s Message for April

So You Want To Run A Tournament?

 FANTASTIC!  Let’s treat this adventure as if we are opening up a new restaurant. Below from A to Z the menu items:

A. Do you have an Advertising plan?

B. Have you a Budget?

C. Customer Service is our most important asset.

D. What are your Demographics?

E. Environmental concerns; neighborhood, facility inside & outside

F. The Fee structure between operator(s) and venue. 

G. What Garment for participants?

H. Types of Hospitality for the participants.

I. Do you/club have Insurance covering all parties?

J. Under whose Jurisdiction; another organization, sanctioning body, individual?

K. Does the club have a Kitchen?

L. The Legal concerns—waivers, due process, preventive measures.

M. Is it for Members or can non-members & other guests participate?

N. Is your organization a Not-for-profit?

O. Is this a One time venture?

P. How will Parking be affected?

Q. Have you and the establishment (club) answered the other’s Questions in advance?

R. Consider your work Relationship---contractor, employee, volunteer.

S. Is there a Sponsorship group/committee involved to help underwrite expenses?

T. Taxes to be paid from revenue—gross receipts/income.

U. Determine if there is an Upside for the next event.

V. Is Value built in for your participants?

W. Will it be Win-Win for you and the establishment?

X. Who will be the most obvious under the XRay?

Y. Special arrangements for Youth; as participants or child-care.

Z. Is this a Zero sum event or revenue generating/sharing?


Ambience, culture, location, overbooking, price point, professionalism, relationships, repeat business, revenue streams, scheduling, staffing, and MORE.

The entire experience requires Planning, Operation, and Evaluation. If you fall behind during the planning phase expect the same to continue during the event. 

With everything building, you will likely NOT CATCH UP. Be prepared, set your short term and long term goals, be passionate, and have an enjoyable experience.

Quote of the Month…

‘If you don’t like something, change it! If you cannot change it, change your attitude.’ Maya Angelou

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