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Professional Athlete Lalo Portillo Comes to Train

Most of the work I do with clients is using video technology, which has transformed the way coaches like myself can help athletes and coaches around the world who do not have the support they need locally. That being said, it is always better when I can train and teach in person. This month, racquetball pro and current junior world champion Lalo Portillo traveled from his home in Mexico to train for a week.

Training was intense but valuable. We began with a series of fitness, skill, speed, and power tests before spending the week in the gym and on the court working on specific physical and mental areas for improvement. It takes time to get better, but the purpose of this trip was to provide the foundation and platform he can use when training at home. Be sure to follow him on social media as he continues to compete on the professional tour.

We spent a lot of time in the gym ensuring that weight training technique was good.

Testing for strength, agility, and fitness allows us to see where he is and set goals for the rest of the year.

Textbook is Coming!

For the past 12 months, I have been working on a coaching textbook, Coaching for Sports Performance, which will be submitted to the publisher in a few days. As the book's editor, I asked experts across the many coaching disciplines such as strength and conditioning, biomechanics, sport ethics, sport media, and many others to write chapters on their specialty. The result is a 15 chapter textbook that I hope will become the "go to" source for college coaching education programs. I also believe it will have significant value for anyone who is coaching or plans to coach, whether they are in a formal coaching education program or not!

In case you wondered what 650 pages looks like.

Thought of the Month

Recently, I had a conversation with a former client and a prospective client.

Former client: "When I worked with you it really helped my performances."

Prospective client: "I know I need a coach to really improve so once I can afford it you'll be the first person I'll call."

If you go to a dentist, do you go for regular check ups or only when your teeth hurt? There is a reason why insurance companies help to cover the cost of regular check-ups; in the long run your teeth are healthier and require less work. It saves them money and you are less likely to be in pain!

Now let's apply this to a sports setting. Unfortunately, many athletes and coaches only ask for help when things are going badly. When things are going well, why have the check-up? This, in my opinion, is a serious mistake! Sometimes the check-up is what's needed to maintain the good level of performance. Sometimes hiring a performance coach is what's needed to get things moving in the right direction!

Now let's return to those earlier conversations.

Me to former client: "If you found it beneficial, why did you stop? Imagine how much more you could have learned in the meantime."

Me to prospective client: "I went to college even though I couldn't afford it. I went because it was an investment in my future and I knew it would pay off. Think of your training and coaching in the same manner. Decide whether the investment is worth the potential reward." 

So let me ask the same question to all of you. Do you have the help you need to be successful? Or are you the individual who gets help whenever it becomes and emergency? Maybe you're the individual who rationalizes why getting help isn't possible. As I close, know that when I started GSP, I started working with a business coach and I still have regular check-ups.   

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