IPRO Faculty

Baghurst, Tim Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA…..Born in Ivory Coast, Educated in Great Britain.

   Member of National Racquetball Team of England. Professor of PE and

   Coaching Science, Oklahoma State University.


Bianchi, Mark Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA…..Avid player and teacher for over 30 years;

Dr. of Equine Medicine; holds many titles.

Clouse, Woody Denver, Colorado, USA…..Pro player who wishes to ‘reach out to those

who have a passion’. He holds many pro, national, and international titles.

 Team USA World Champion, currently directs programs at series of clubs.

Embry, Aaron San Diego, California, USA….. Former Pro tour player who made bold move to promote 

 the sport full time. He holds many titles, and operates interscholastic programs and

is a Paddleball Pro as well.

George, Dave San Francisco, California, USA…..Holds national and international titles. A professional

teacher with many years in the club industry. Professional tennis instructor as well.

Hansen, Kimo  Anchorage, AK, USA.....Retired Military; has a passion for the game and wants to 

   'give back'. His specialty is with the Armed Forces Wounded Warrior Program.

Hansen, Nick Boise, Idaho, USA…..Over 45 years of teaching and playing experience; loves to teach

 and promote the sport; currently runs intercollegiate and high school programs.

Key, Karen Phoenix, Arizona, USA….Ex-Pro tour player who teaches, coaches, promotes, and 

operates a wide spectrum of programs in her area. Holds many titles.

Maggi, Osvaldo Buenos Aires, Argentina…..Player, coach, and promoter of the game; with an emphasis  

on officiating. President of the International Racquetball Federation and President

of Racquetball Argentina.

Medina, Rogelio Temuco, Chile…..Originally from Bolivia; long standing trainer and instructor. 

Coach for the Chilean National Team.

 Monroy, Ricardo Santa Cruz, Bolivia.....National team player and coach; he has developed many elite

players in his country. Part of PASO group of clinicians; he now is training the

national team of the Dominican Republic.

Moore, Linda   Tucson, AZ USA.....Programmer in clubs in Nebraska; player, coach, and

teacher with many years of experience. Holds national and international titles.

Negrete, David Chicago, Illinois, USA.....International team coach; a player, trainer, and ex-club owner.

He has over thirty-five years in the industry and was a pro tour commissioner.

Palomino, Aaron Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.....Trainer and coach for both the adult and junior

national teams of Mexico. Part of the PASO group of Clinicians.

Parrilla, Fabian San Luis Potosi, Mexico…..Large influence in developing youth in Mexico. Part of PASO

group of clinicians who holds many national titles.  A current National team coach.

Remen, Ed Raleigh, North Carolina, USA…..Hall of Famer and college professor with many years

of playing, teaching, and coaching experience. Ex club owner with multiple titles.

Stob, David  Seattle, Washington, USA…..Club pro and tournament director. A financial services

professional who maintains a presence at National and International masters events.

Villegas, Ivan   San Jose, Costa Rica…..National team player and team coach. Originally from 

Colombia and holds a Law Degree. 

Warren, Darryl  Melbourne, Florida, USA…..National and international titles. He has a passion to give 

back to the sport through his many endeavors, including the management of 

 national and international events.

Wittenbrink, Joe Dallas, Texas, USA…..Over forty years of playing and teaching experience. He

organized one of the top junior programs in the country and he holds many titles.

Mazaroff, Gary  (Director)

  Albuquerque,  New Mexico, USA…..Part of the sporting industry for over 45 years. He

 has worn multiple hats. Took over reigns of AmPRO and sparked IPRO in 1997.